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Log Line:

A Nigerian-American attorney is tasked with saving his client who is gay from deportation, all while defining his cultural identity in a romantic relationship with his American girlfriend.


“BREAKING BOUNDS” is a riveting story about a Nigerian American lawyer who is charged with defending a well-connected client from Uganda, who happens to be gay. This goes against his Nigerian upbringing. He's conflicted with accepting the challenge and possibly becoming partner at his law firm or rejecting the challenge and erasing all that he has built at the law firm.  David Eguasa is our hero. Along with this very challenging deportation case, his personal life is falling apart as well. His mother wants him to be with a traditional Nigerian woman, his father wants him to continue to be a successful lawyer. The problem is he's in love with a Black American woman name Lola. Even though his group of friends come from multiple walks of life and are accepted by his parents, his mother can't see him being married to anyone other than a Nigerian woman. The conflict with his parents is putting a strain on his relationship with Lola. Lola is now opening her options because of the lack of commitment from David. 

As the court case comes closer to an end, David must look within himself to defend his client to the best of his ability. Lola has decided to move on. David is left being a shadow of his former confident self. To make matters worse, Lola brings Santiago to their mutual friend’s wedding that they were supposed to be attending together. It’s now or never, David can accept things as they are or fight for what he really wants. "BREAKING BOUNDS"


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